John Breccles

In The Ipswich Journal, a weekly newspaper, the following advertisement appeared in the editions of September 17 and October 8, 1743.

To be lett and enter'd upon immediately (if desir'd)

The Bull inn at Brandon in Suffolk, being a very good accustom'd house and well repair'd, with a brewing office, and large conveniences adjoining thereto, now in the occupation of Mr John Breccles, who has taken the Bull at Barton Mills. Enquire of Mrs Browne at Lynn-Regis. N.B. The furniture and goods within the said house may be bought. Enquire of Mr John Breccles the present tenant.

Also in the 8th October edition, John placed his own advertisement-

The Bull Inn at Barton Mills, wherein Mr Richard Adams lately dwelt, is now taken by Mr John Breccles, from the Bull Inn in Brandon, where all gentlemen shall meet with a glass of wine and civil usage, by their humble servant, John Breccles.


Maintainer - Duncan Breckels