The following is an extract from Blomefield's History of Norfolk. (Volume 7, starting at page 36)

Burnham Westgate


The family of Breccles held also of the Earl of Arundel a lordship, which (as I conceive) was held, or farmed, at the survey, under the King, by Godric; Ulf, who was lord of it in the reign of King Edward, being deprived of it. (1) It contained three carucates of land, twenty bordarers, twelve servi, three carucates in demean, one among the men, &c. two mills, with the moiety of another, seven runc &c. 600 sheep, a salt-pit, and one beruite belonged to it, with one carucate of land, &c. and thirty socmen belonged to it then, with two carucates. The whole then valued at 8l. per annum, and after, when Ralph, the Earl of Norfolk, possessed it, at 23l. and 12s. at the survey; it paid in tail 20l. and in the same village, Ketel, a freeman, had 20 acres, and another freeman, Oia, 30 acres.

On the forfeiture of this lordship, by Ralph, The Earl of Norfolk, the Conqueror being seized of it, and being in the Crown, and held by Godric, it remained so till King William II. gave it to William de Albiny, ancestor to the Earls of Arundel, of whom see in Rising.

John Benedict de Breccles died possessed of this manor, and the advowson of a moiety of the church of Burnham Westgate, St. Mary, with the manor of Grimston, (as may be seen under that township,) in the reign of Edward II. and John Breccles, his son and heir, was lord in the reign of Edward III. but in the 15th of Richard II. Sir Robert Hemenhale was found to die seized of it; and Ralph Hemenhale, his nephew, released to Sir John Oldcastle, and Joan his wife, the manor of Breccles, and the advowson of the churches of St. Mary the Virgin, St. Margaret the Virgin, and All-Saints, in Burnham, in the 10th of Henry IV.

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