The Village of Breckles

Church from the north west Church from the south east
church from the north east the Hall is private house

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South of Watton in Norfolk, England, is a small village called Breckles.
The two most outstanding buildings in this tiny village are St Margaret's Church, and the Tudor manor house of Breccles Hall. The church was nearly derelict in the early 1970s, but now stands in beautiful condition as a credit to the hard work and care of the village community. Regular worship services are still held here, as they have been since Saxon times. The Hall is a private house, and is not open to the public.
No link has yet been proved between this village and the present families who share the name, but certainly some people with the name used to live there in the thirteenth century and for a while later. For more information, look at this extract dated 1738 from Blomefield's History of Norfolk.

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